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 Using a Hearing Instrument


 A new operating concept provides secure handling with waterproof EURION.ODIOTEK is Turkish distributor of EURION Products.


LOTOS from Eurion is a high-perform. hearing instrument, in the development of which user-specific and aesthetic aspects clearly set the tone. Thanks to its appropriate bodyform shape, it offers the best anatomical fit for adults as well as for children and is particularly convenient to wear. The compact dimensions; the slim, elegant design promises discreet and successful hearing correction to all cosmetically-conscious and discerning wearers.


Simple and secure operation is one of the most important requirements of a hearing instrument, both for the hearing dispenser and for the wearer himself. Lotos has accomplished an absolutely new operating concept.



Using hearing aids successfully takes time and patience. Hearing aids will not restore normal hearing or eliminate background noise. Adjusting to a hearing aid is a gradual process that involves learning to listen in a variety of environments and becoming accustomed to hearing different sounds. Try to become familiar with hearing aids under nonstressful circumstances a few hours at a time. Programs are available to help users master new listening techniques and develop skills to manage hearing loss. Contact your audiologist for further information about programs that may suit your individual needs.

Here are a few general suggestions for the proper care of your hearing instrument depending of our long term experience

RENATA zinc air batteries for hearing instruments feature Swiss quality and consistently great performance, battery after battery. RENATA is the fastest growing zinc air battery brand in the world.


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