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Hearing aid, sound is an amplifier upgrade.  Internal settings (tone, output, etc..), According to hearing loss is made by professionals. Hearing tests, according to the inner ear hearing aid can make settings to use is not correct. Therefore, testing should be done before the hearing loss and hearing aid should be selected for. / 14.04.2009

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Cheap hearing devices, hearing loss increases
Cheap hearing devices, hearing damage caused more by the Michigan University study has been proven.

ISTANBUL - In Turkey, according to the characteristics of different devices payments previously made SGK, now 350 TL for each device was hard to pay. This cheap and poor quality of the device began to stimulate imports. Social Security Institution (SGK) is highly applicable to hearing loss in cochlear implant surgery to pay between 15-25 thousand dollars, the savings from the hearing aid, to uncover new cochlear implant candidates.
Michigan State University Professor of Communication Sciences and fault section with Jerry Punch Danish researchers conducted a research on this subject with Susanne Love Callavay made.

11 different devices has been
Cheap hearing aid Araştırmada 11 were included in the gold lenses. Moreover, the three most common types of hearing loss was in mind. Test for the cheapest models (under $ 100) and the average price of the device (between 100 to 500 dollars) has been. Is the cheapest of all the devices tested in the sense of hearing a voice that could result in damage to the cause has been determined. In addition, the devices were only low frequencies to strengthen. Investigate the frequency of people with severe hearing loss and language that suffer a significant role in the perception of the high frequency of this device is seen to help in any way. Michigan State University for this research was published in the journal American Journal of Audiology.

Hearing Devices Siser Chairman Mehmet Emin tree, a new application SGK'nın cheap and shoddy products is encouraged, it's also more advanced hearing loss caused by that, "the health of citizens of the State is supposed to save. Hearing loss in each ear, however, are treated in the future, 25-thousand dollars trying to fix is found with cochlear implant surgery. That state of hearing aid is 150-200 per dollar savings to the high figures for cochlear implant surgery is paid. "

Also be treated to hearing around the tree when not sure the communication is broken, the psychological problem that has emerged is a community that had brought a load heavier than the state, he said. Wood said: "States earlier in the hearing aid according to the quality and function were paid up to USD 850. Now everything is the same for the digital device 350 TL 175 TL pays for analog. Production of the analog world, it's over now. Now companies and importers have no social protection of citizens under the TL 350 is directed to products of poor quality. However, the structure of the ear, as differences will show in the wake of the same finger. Requires separate software for each ear disorders. This device also takes care of at least 5 years. Hearing aid received from an electronic market is not an MP3 device. Today, according to the ailment 5 thousand 350 TL to TL to have the device, too. We in Turkey as the only domestic manufacturer of hearing aid devices produce nano technology. "

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