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Hearing aid, sound is an amplifier upgrade.  Internal settings (tone, output, etc..), According to hearing loss is made by professionals. Hearing tests, according to the inner ear hearing aid can make settings to use is not correct. Therefore, testing should be done before the hearing loss and hearing aid should be selected for. / 14.04.2009

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Do you have a hearing test on your child?
Hearing loss in children as adults and even more people are experiencing a problem. Moreover, pain, fever, such as more open to respond to complaints of hearing loss the child may not react in the same clarity. So many parents by weeks, months, even years, can be ignored. Babies and small children, especially in age increases the risk of neglect.

So the problem is how the mother as an? Ear, nose and throat question Bosphorus International from Op.Dr. Ömer Faik asked to sago.

"Children from birth or later in the hearing loss may occur. To hear one of the most important symptom expression güçlügünden child is caused jitters. Can you tell, but the child is not hearing adults have difficulty hearing or any hearing difficulty is not to express ebeveyinlerine taking. Expression of the difficulties nervous, cranky and combative as to reflect the environment. At this point, the family members is an important responsibility falls. "

Experts symptoms of hearing loss in children according to different age classes period. Accordingly, the period from birth until 6 months, your baby does not wake up with loud noise, does not mimic his tone, or does not respond to the alarm and need to contact an ENT specialist.

6 months-1 year in the range of voices is not removed or familiar people and things that need to be considered not show symptoms. Baby 1-2 years period is irrelevant to the sound coming from the environment, respond to the first calling, strong voice to stand on the details, such as watching television is required.

Op Dr Omer Faik hearing problems in babies sago prepare the ground before the pregnancy and genetic factors is striking.

"Alcoholic drinks consumed by mothers during pregnancy had the flu, rubella or viral infections are risk factors for spending. Permanent hearing loss in the family or next of kin who stand on the need of having "

Spent the first month of life, especially in meningitis, resulting in lower weight, blood exchange loss of hearing about the babies are carrying more risk.

Conscious approaches of hearing problems in children of mothers soon uncover a key role to play. Doctor and the opportunities provided by advanced technology is necessary to be diagnosed with the test. However, assessment of hearing children is entirely different from the adult human. Precise measurements with the device is off, should be able to apply to genetic testing. Therefore, the referenced system of the center with advanced technology lab to have the conditions of hearing. Be done by experts of the tests is required.

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