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Hearing aid, sound is an amplifier upgrade.  Internal settings (tone, output, etc..), According to hearing loss is made by professionals. Hearing tests, according to the inner ear hearing aid can make settings to use is not correct. Therefore, testing should be done before the hearing loss and hearing aid should be selected for. / 14.04.2009

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Hearing Loss
Hearing of any problems within the system and can cause damage to hearing loss.
Just hearing some kind of weakness treatment with drugs or medical interventions to use the hearing aid is most edilebilir.Diğer may have advantage.
With hearing loss born child, speech and language development, the development after completion of hearing loss and children suffered more than one (speech and language delays) sahiptir.İşitme risk of loss of önemlidir.Yüksek degree temperature loss in speech and language development in the larger effects will result.
Hearing loss is quite possible with early diagnosis and treatment of children edilmelidir.İşitme loss of up to six months, the hearing device attached to speech and language with normal hearing in a child may develop the same rate.
"Hearing loss" or "weakness of hearing" terms "deafness" of hearing people say değildir.Sağır can hear sounds with the device or devices.
Most hearing loss through hearing aid to be controlled successfully.

The symptoms of hearing loss
Hearing loss children often lack hearing other information in the signal could be compensated learn. (Doors opening and closing into the room light, ground vibrations and air movements, such as ...) That a hearing loss of power makes the discovery, because the child's response appears to be normal.
If you have a problem about your child's hearing if you have any doubt about that to have a hearing test for every child at any age odiologiste götürün.İşitme tests to diagnose the child's language skills yapılabilmektedir.Erken will help in the development. Hearing tests are simple and painless.
Hearing Loss Symptoms
In fear of loud sounds and high volume reduction in response to the
In finding the source of the sound, the ability to determine where they come from a decrease in the head as an example to people who speak to a hearing child çevirme.Normal usually begins 5-6 months to determine the sound source.
Usually have higher volume requirements, for example: sitting too close to the television, open sound, something you said "what?", "Sir?" As often repeat questions or respond to çağırılığında.
Frequently than one or two touch the ear, or pull (this, pressure in the ear or infection may also)
Self-talk when the baby 6-8 months (the speech unintelligible sounds) that can turn into a sudden loud sounds, or screaming change.
The lack of response to normal tone reaches monthly .6 still respond to name is called.
The child's life during the second year of self-unintelligible sounds of speech, speech sounds and words in the delay and lack of transformation.
Directly to the child's body movements to see you without looking and without fulfilling basic commands on the deficiencies. For example, the "Father of the ball" (1yaş around)
The child's self-withdrawal from social activities or become aggressive. The results of this hearing loss due to the misunderstandings that may indicate OTA.
Frequent incorrect determination of the direction the sound came.

Types of Hearing Loss
Usually people come with old age of hearing loss is caused by old age düşünürler.Çoğu hearing loss Although there are other reasons. Hereditary hearing loss, pathological (the result of a disease) and idiopathic (cause is not known a list).
Hearing loss is divided into two categories. Transmission-type hearing loss and sensonoral (receiver) has more than two kaybı.Çocuk hearing to be able to apply olabilir.Uygun treatment is necessary to know the type of hearing loss.
Transmission-type hearing loss
Transmission type hearing loss when the volume reduction of the external ear to the inner ear as a result of a hearing to kaybıdır.Bu; external ear, middle ear channel or channels may be due to the obstructive damage or anatomical structure.
Middle ear pressure in the ear with too much or too little can prevent the membrane to vibrate freely to prevent the movement of middle ossicle can.
Most hearing loss in type transmission through drug treatment or operations also give the desired results may not completely edilebilir.Ama this reason, most people with hearing loss of the transmission type of hearing aid use are seen to benefit.
Transmission type hearing loss in children of the common reasons
Buşon (cerumen)
Ear hearing loss of this type channels led to the jerk açabilir.Bir professional (doctor) without any complications is clear from the hearing loss can be removed completely.
Middle ear infections
Middle ear infection is especially common in children is a very painful hastalıktır.İltihap immediate treatment and delayed edilmelidir.Tedavi eardrum membrane damage can occur and the wound tissue itself some time iyileştirebilir.Ancak transmission eardrum damage lead to the type of hearing loss. Neglected a long time, the infection also sensonoral (receiver), such as loss of hearing (the next option) lead to various complications.
Sensonoral hearing loss
The inner ear (cochlea) hair cells and / or hearing loss Sensonoral with medical or medical interventions of this type of hearing loss has rarely edilebilir.Genellikle treatment as hearing aid use.
The general causes of hearing loss in children sensonoral
This type of hearing loss, your child was born with hearing loss are hereditary shows olabilir.Congenital hearing loss may result in genetic sendomların (down syndrome). Moreover, during pregnancy the mother used alcohol, pills and drugs in a team can arise.
Acoustic sound trauma
Excessive and sudden explosions of high-volume sound can cause hearing loss sensonoral. (For example, fireworks, gun sounds)

Measles, mumps, meningitis, or pertussis disease, such as the various degrees of hearing loss can lead sensonoral.

Hearing tests
Is your child's hearing loss if you have doubts about any; hearing test can be done.
Newborn children of all ages, even if the hearing can be tested. The child's age and degree of adulthood by testing a wide variety of tests your child vardır.İşitme does not give any inconvenience.
In some countries, infant hearing testing a routine part of care for parents of hearing tests halindedir.Bu see the task difficult alarm will notify you and help.
Some will help your child, have made a list of the most widely used test.

Types of hearing tests

Historical status
Hearing loss, hearing health professionals discrimination predecessor to understand the cause or causes as possible çalışacaklardır.Aileye information, environmental illness, pregnancy and so on .. questions will lead a team. This information will be kept strictly reserved.

Otoscope, the ear canal and eardrum of blood for all to see the light of physical abnormalities that could lead to a loss alettir.İşitme out helps.

Otoakustik makers
If your child without the active participation of the testlerdir.Çocuğun immediately after birth in the small yapılabilir.Bu test internal ear hair cells and inner ear to activate the switch is made to determine the damage.

This test voice warning, such as the brain waves ölçer.Bu test also applies Otoakustik transmitter.

Pressure Measurement
This test; ear channel change as a result of the pressure to examine the movement of the eardrum. Eardrum and middle ear pressure on middle ear movements appointed to test the integrity edilir.Bu test, your child's natural hearing loss and middle ear infections may help to detect. Pressure measurement at the same time that acoustic reflex to loud sounds in the reaction of reflex ölçer.Bu against sudden loud sounds of drum kasılmasıdır.Bu natural protection than refleksidir.Eğer eardrum is unable to fulfill this reflex hearing may be damaged roof. Pressure measurement is fast and your child's test does not require active participation.

Odiometri (the most common hearing test)
This type of test your child why the child's well-rested bulunmalıdır.Bu active in one or two adults to the test with your friends ready to play some games to be sure.

Pure-tone (pure tone) odiometri
This type of testing the child's goal may be the soft sounds very belirleyebilmektir.Bu measurements appropriate hearing aid in the discovery process olacaktır.Odiometri useful during the audio from a speaker, headphones or ear duct into the small headset after gelir.Daha of your child when you hear news operations verir.Bu by pressing a key in adults than in children are done in an easy manner, the child is placed in right and left with the sound of toys came from there to look for ways to ensure that it believes can be done through. Older children also are part of a game according to his voice can complete. (For example, when you hear her voice, such as placing a piece puzzleda) unless the child can hear sounds in the game will progress. A certain age, such as when an adult child is already on the yes button press sound will be heard.

Speech (talk) odiometri
Older age children by this method tests edilirler.Görev pure-tone odiometriye are similar, but this one sounds different from the actual words of the type oluşmaktadır.Bu odiometri purpose of the child can hear and to understand the soft level speech belirlemektir.Çocuk his repeated word or word from the book will show a picture.

During the hearing test or Odiogram emerging odiometri reveal the result is a graph.
If your child is greater than 6 months are available odiogramının of a child of 6 months from gereklidir.Eğer smaller in this case a right odiogram other diagnostic results odiologist or experts set out to identify the child's hearing loss.
Isteyin.Bu a copy odiologistinizden odiogramın always, you can review the results and a more advanced test dates will be absolutely necessary for the comparison.

Understanding Odiogramı
During the hearing test, the child can hear the soft sounds to decide two parameters, frequency and severity (intensity) is used.

A vertical and a horizontal line Odiogram correct frekans'tır from oluşur.Yatay. In a series of musical notes of different frequencies can be defined as. Frequency is measured in Hertz and the symbol Hz'dir. Children who have normal hearing in 20 Hz low-frequency (fog horn) and a high frequency in 20.000Hz (whistle) until you are capable of.
6-10 shows the frequency Odiogram. This lower than the 250-8000Hz aralığındadır.Frekans graphics will grow from left to right by.

Vertical right "violence" referred to as noise can doğrusudur.Şiddeti silent as to qualify as mümkündür.Şiddet; is measured in decibels, or dB DbHL'dir the symbol. This is true for the frequency of the sound her soft (low in intensity) are you have heard range belirler.Normal in each frequency tone, or a child less than 20dB in the violence should be heard.
If the intensity level is higher than the 20dB (in normal below) this frequency can hear the sound of the child's point should be increased to show up and this hearing loss as a göstergesidir.Sonuç each frequency there is a certain violence is money.
The results for right and left ear, showing a odiogramda there are ways. Results are usually provided for the left ear in blue ink and / or "X" with the red ink right ear and "O" are indicated by.

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