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Hearing aid, sound is an amplifier upgrade.  Internal settings (tone, output, etc..), According to hearing loss is made by professionals. Hearing tests, according to the inner ear hearing aid can make settings to use is not correct. Therefore, testing should be done before the hearing loss and hearing aid should be selected for. / 14.04.2009

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How will hearing?
Hearing loss to understand exactly what it is you need to understand the function of the hearing system.
The sounds inside the ear pressure variations or vibrations of air molecules as perceived by the human ear tanımlanabilirler.Bu vibrations create sound waves.
Hearing system as a whole our hearing and we will get them sorumludur.Bu system acoustic sound waves are interpreted by the brain makes neural codes.
Hearing system consists of four main sections, external ear, middle ear, inner ear and brain to the nervous system in a mixed yolları.Bu even the slightest problem can cause the loss of hearing ability.

External ear
External ear, ear cartilage and ear out of the channel within the membrane channel oluşur.Kulak of the external ear to ear, ear bağlar.Dış; sound waves into the ear receives and redirects. . Ear to the channel as the most important in the understanding of speech sounds by 5-by 10dB of sound waves created aralığındadır.Kulak membrane starts to vibrate when the middle ear pressure is engaged.

Middle ear
Middle ear air doludur.Orta ear to the throat of the Eustachian tube connects the middle ear to maintain the air pressure in the ear yaramaktadır.Orta includes 3 small kemikçik; hammer - the anvil - the chain üzengi.Bu kemikçik eardrum to the inner ear, which manages the movement constitute a lever mechanism. This depends on kemikçik, Tensor Tympani, and a high muscle tone vardır.Bu stapedius named when two muscles as a reflex action to reach the ear before geçerler.Böylelikle in high volume will decrease.

Inner ear
Inner ear comprises two organs; cochlea and balance organı.Koklea (hearing organ) filled with liquid inside it looks like a snail at the same time is referred to as snail. Cochlea to the balance organs of the oval window bağlıdır.Kokleada ossicle vardır.Orta two windows to the sound vibrations, causing fluctuations in the fluid in the snail. These fluctuations result in the snail more than 15 thousand hair cells with mobilization and the mobilization that is hearing sounds, hearing nerve to the brain through the hair cells in the snail ulaşır.Eğer any reason will be destroyed if it is not possible to be corrected again.

Sinir Roads
Large number of nerve fibers in the inner ear hair cells are attached. Certain types of nerve impulse in a kind of hair cells will reach the brain. Both the hearing ear and the brain go to the center. Guys are watching the road until you reach the first before the sound waves enter the external ear to the middle of the sound waves into mechanical vibration in the ear and inner ear into the impulse to the brain, and at the end of the "sound" as the detection occurs.

Hearing on the stage of development

Low frequency sounds in the children's wife Anne to the high frequency may be much better rates and can hear sounds outside the mother's body.

0-4 months
Startled by sudden loud sounds, and the. Determine the position of the eye or head movements to start with the sound.

3-6 months
Self-interest in the utterance gösterme.Kendi different audio tone detection denemeleri.Tanıdık symptoms.

6-12 months
The child's self-reported by using different sounds and unintelligible words to start. "Mother," "father" to understand some simple words to begin to follow certain directives.

12-18 months
The child's self-interest of the sound of the words begin to appear. Approximately 50 words 20 words and can use the child can understand.

2 years
Generally, a child was 2 years in a vocabulary of 200-300 words and can speak by using very simple sentences. I see in the picture books and enjoys reading books that can be called many things.

3-4 years
Words, needs, feelings and questions to specify kullanır.Kelime treasury, pronunciation and understanding will develop rapidly in this age.

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